Bicentennial Shirts

I make a habit every now and then of posting the latest cool t-shirts released by Walt Disney World merchandise. They’ve been on a roll lately.

Not sure how long this one has been out there, but I encountered it last week at American Adventure in Epcot. I think it’s awesome.

A disastrous earlier version featured the Three Little Pigs.

This is Walt Disney World history from its very early years, almost even before my time. How great would it be if they would bring back the actual characters from the 1976 Bicentennial celebration? Especially now with the living character technology. I’d rather see these three parading through Liberty Square once a day, than that Move It Shake It Celebration disaster that blasts through Main Street now and again.

Shane was raised on a steady diet of EPCOT Center and Kenner action figures. Parkeology is the happy result. He is the creator along with his friend Ted of the WDW47 Challenge and the WDW49 Challenge — featured by such media giants as CNN, ABC, FoxNews, and the in-flight magazine for Norwegian Air. With his brother Tristan, Shane is the author of the adventure fantasy novels Arabian Heist and Johnny Shipwreck. He currently resides in the Swiss Family Treehouse.

2 thoughts on “Bicentennial Shirts

  1. @theelfqueen, it is indeed awesome. And I did not even post pictures of the Vinylmation versions of those 3 in their Bicentennial outfit, which brings me great geek joy.

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