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  1. Late spring! How could anyone go so long without our unique brand of ridiculous humor? (unless it is a court-mandated break). Hope that voice gets better!

  2. You all are too hilarious! I haven’t checked this blog since late spring and I am having a wonderful sick day from work catching up. (A recent cold knocked out my voice, so I am utterly useless at my job of cafeteria/recess aide!)

    Teevtee, I will be looking for my invitation to that Gala.

  3. First of all Shane, of all people I woudl expect YOU, the guy most facinated by Famed Naturalist John Muir to at least call him FAMED naturalist John Muir instead of the derogatory and simplistic “John Muir” that you used int he above comment.

    Secondly thansk for the tip Melissa… we are ordering several cases for the next Gala and I have filed a petition to make the Muir-Hanna Vinyards the official wine supplier of Parkeology.

    It is readers liek you who help build a better tomorrow!

  4. “owned and operated by the direct descendants of John Muir, one of America’s most famous naturalists and conservationists”

    John Muir really milks this famed naturalist thing for all its worth. and he is too modest by using the phrase “one of the”. As far as I am concerned, there is only one famed naturalist.

  5. Let’s drink a toast to famed naturalist John Muir with some of his grandchildren’s wine:

    I LOL’d when I saw it at the liquor store today.

  6. Also a small correction Melissa:

    It is not naturalist John Muir but rather FAMED naturalist John Muir.

    We are all about the details around here and Famed Naturalist John Muir demands the proper respect.

  7. If anyone ever deserved his own theme song, it is famed naturalist John Muir. Nice job, Melissa.

  8. OK, Melissa gets the special PPP:
    Parkeology Poetry Prize.


  9. Yankee Doodle went to town
    To take the penny tour;
    He stuck a feather in the cap
    Of naturalist John Muir!

  10. Yes, famed naturalist and unoffical (or is he offical at this point?) mascot of Parkeology John Muir makes an appearance!

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