WDW46: The Trailer

What a week.

Not only did we complete WDW46 but also we have been featured in the Orlando Sentinel and the Orlando CBS station.  Then things got really crazy: the New York Daily News has interviewed us and CNN and local stations have picked up the story across the country. There may be some even more fun things on the horizon as well.

Many have asked and yes, we had a camera running throughout the day. We will soon post the full video but for now check out the world premier of WDW46: The Trailer!

And thank you all for the wonderful support.  Those who followed us on Twitter, those who showed up in the parks to cheer us on and to everyone who takes the time to read Parkeology a huge THANK YOU!

Shane and Ted at the beginning of WDW46 - The first Parkeology Challenge completion
Fresh-faced and ready to take on the World.

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  1. So when are we getting the full video!

    • A wise man once said “Fine takes Time”.

      I on the other hand have simply been busy / lazy / sick… so no time line but it will come.. and when it does it will be epic.

  2. Do you happen to have links to the newspaper and TV stories? I was able to find the one in the Orlando Sentinel, but that’s all.

  3. Could you please post the trailer on Vimeo.com? I can’t get any videos to work on YouTube for a couple months now, none on BBC.com and just today lost video on FoxNews.com. Thank you!

  4. Not only did you make the regular news, you guys managed to find your way into the disney interns weekly newsletter! So excited for the full length video.

    • Now we hit the BIG time!

  5. The article I read said WDW46 occurred on November 7. But, the WDW Railroad was down for refurbishment until the 8th. How did you do all the attractions without it?

    • The article you read was incorrect. We did WDW46 on Saturday November 8th the day the RR came back online. Read our recap for full details. We very much rode the train.

      Sometimes the press messes up small details… one article said Tomorrowland was closed last year when they meant to say 2 attractions in Tomorrowland closed due to rain. You have to forgive them for not being hard core fans.

      • You just can’t trust the media these days. I should have read your account. It even mentions the train came back into service that day. I still think you should have ridden all the segments. Each has a different story to tell.

        My record is just for visiting all four parks in one day and going on at least one attraction in each one. But, I was only using park transportation to do it.

        • We follow the official ride list provided by Disney.
          Four parks in one day is fun… that is a good “normal” thing for fans to do… it’s a little out of the normal guest scope but not the insanity that all the rides are.

  6. I love this! I loved last year’s and was hoping you guys would do it again. I’m so glad you did! FABULOUS trailer…can’t wait to see the whole thing! It’s got me thinking about getting in much better shape so I can attempt something like this someday!

  7. I can’t get enough reading about this. Can’t wait for the feature film!

    I’m glad Fastpass+ didn’t keep this from happening–not that you would have let it. Well done, guys!

  8. Ha ha, great trailer, SO EPIC. Lord of the Rings doesn’t come close. You two deserve every bit of your fame and recognition right now, you dreamed it and did it!

    Is the WDW46 t-shirt still a possibility?

    • Thanks Melanie. It’s been fun.

  9. Nice job!

    Last Xmas we did 40 attractions in one day. I commend you on your planning and execution! Good job!

    • Hey… we had to delete the link you posted because we do not allow links in comments.

      Thanks for thenote… 40 rides in one day is a nice job… the really tough part is getting EVERY ride but 40 is one o the better totals I have heard.

  10. An epic trailer for an epic event.

  11. Still so impressed you pulled it off.
    You two are true hero’s

    • Ha! Thanks. Now that we showed how to do it peopel ar coming out of the wood work to jump on the bandwagon…kind of funny. Glad you enjoyed it.+

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