Epcot to Add New “Vagueland” Pavilion

Epcot might soon play host to a new and possibly one-of-a-kind pavilion, company officials hinted at this morning in a breathtaking press release. Loosely themed to the nebulous power of uncertainty, the new Epcot pavilion — whose working title is Vagueland (though that may change) — is expected to open to guests sometime in the […]

Soarin’ Preshow Digitally Altered For No Apparent Reason

The Soarin’ preshow has been at the center of controversy ever since the ride’s Epcot debut in 2006. The original Soarin’ preshow video starring Patrick Warburton (who first found fame as Puddy on Seinfeld) was digitally altered to remove references to the ride’s original title of Soarin’ Over California. However, when the ride changed to […]

Team Parkeology Takes on the Thanksgiving Challenge

Inspired by a childhood dream, two men set out on a quest for redemption… 60-Day Window 7:00 am – Ted is up early frantically refreshing his menu. After a few tense minutes, he finds the entree he is looking for. Turkey FastPass is secured. He rounds it off with a Stuffing FastPass, then picks up […]

Abandoned Fantasia Gardens Pavilion Might Be Master Architect’s Lost Work

Most guests don’t even know about Fantasia Gardens mini-golf. It’s a secondary excursion at best — the kind of freebie they used to dole out on your all-inclusive package, right up there with “free admission” to Wide World of Sports or a crappy t-shirt from Planet Hollywood. Even Disney Transportation forgets about it. A self-assured Cast […]

Liberty Belle Riverboat Refurbishment Deals Blow to WDW49 Challenge

Early this year, the Liberty Belle Riverboat went under refurbishment, putting successful attempts at the Parkeology WDW47 Challenge on hold. With the opening of Toy Story Land last weekend and the dawn of the WDW49 version of the challenge, many of us have been anxiously awaiting the Riverboat’s return on July 20th. Unfortunately this morning, […]

Toy Story Land Will Transform the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge

On June 30, 2018, Disney will officially open Toy Story Land, the newest land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And when Disney cuts the ribbon, the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge will open right along with it. The goal of the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge is to ride every ride at Walt Disney World in a single day. Toy […]

How I Ruined Star Wars Day at Sea for Warwick Davis

I wake up to lilting melody of the Cloud City theme playing outside my room. A moment later, the public address system crackles to life. I’m expecting Lando Calrissian to tell us that the Empire has seized control and we’d better evacuate. But it’s just the Cruise Director of the Disney Fantasy, letting us know […]