Disney Dance Party Strategy Guide for Dads

Hey, all you dads! Are you ready for a Disney Dance Party? You grew up in an era when theme park vacations meant old-fashioned thrills like Expedition Everest or sideshow exhibits like the Living Seas. But those quaint amusements are a thing of the past. Today’s modern, sophisticated theme parks run on the high-octane energy […]

‘Skipper Dan’ Jungle Cruise Parody by “Weird Al” Yankovic Still Greatest Park Song

Exactly 10 years ago, Grammy-winning recording artist and Parkeology personal hero “Weird Al” Yankovic dropped a series of five tracks onto an unsuspecting internet. It contained mostly original songs, parodying the styles of bands like The Doors and Queen. Mixed in was an innocuous 4-minute track called Skipper Dan, a cautionary tale of a Jungle […]

Peter Pan’s Flight Over London Takes the Second Star to the Wrong

When your pirate ship bails out the nursery window and Peter Pan’s flight over London begins, you know you’re in the hands of a magician. You sit in awe of this dashing sorcerer with a trim mustache and a command of the stage — enthralled from the moment he pulls Big Ben out of his […]

New Rides and New Rules for the Parkeology Challenge!

Big changes are afoot all across the Disney parks these days. Perhaps you have heard of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? It may just have a little impact on the Parkeology Challenge as well as life in general within a 10 mile radius of either resort, so how does this affect the rules of the official […]

Is the Oxygen-Free Parkeology Challenge Impossible?

They call it the death zone. 8000 meters above sea level, the atmosphere is so thin, science once considered it fatal. Humans can’t survive at that altitude for more than a few minutes before their brains turn to mush. To summit the tallest mountains in the world, elite climbers must carry supplemental oxygen to make […]

The Secret Disney Attraction That is Guaranteed to Get You a Standing Ovation!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is just months away from opening at Disney Hollywood Studios. Mickey’s Runaway Railway will follow shortly thereafter. We have already seen the opening of Toy Story Land and most recently the opening of a new Lightning McQueen show. Disney Hollywood Studios has become a hotbed of new and exciting attractions. But […]

Jessie’s Critter Carousel Now Part of Parkeology Challenge

Disney never gave an official opening date for Jessie’s Critter Carousel at Disney California Adventure. The website just says April 2019. But since the ride has been in soft opening for several days now, we’re gonna go ahead and call it. Jessie’s Critter Carousel is now considered an official ride for the Disneyland Resort version […]

Is the Haunted Mansion Wolf Howl Silenced Forever?

You only need to hear the Haunted Mansion wolf howl once and you’ll never forget it. Its long, mournful wail is as iconic as Disney park sound effects get — as memorable as the whistle of the steam train, the blast from the Riverboat, the ridiculous honk of the monorail. It’s really more of a […]