Teevtee’s take WDW47 One week later: A day that will live in infamy

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every KABOOM!”An enormous clap of thunder shudders through the rotating Carousel of Progress Theater interrupting the Sherman Brothers’ famous song and shaking the walls and seats. It’s sometime past 10:30 pm Sunday June 16th and Shane and I have completed 36 of the 47 […]

Point Counter-Point

Years ago when Saturday Night Live used to be funny (no even before Will Ferrell… no even before Phil Hartman… no even before Eddie Murphy; we are talking original cast here) in the mid 1970’s a staple of the then unique fake news segment was called “ Point- Counterpoint”. Weekend Up-Date co-anchors Dan Aykroyd (who […]

Disney’s Gulf Coast Disaster

Today we are going to take a break from Shane’s video game opus and shift gears to something much more serious; the many tragedies to have befallen upon the Gulf Coast.  If it wasn’t so sad it would almost be pretty… and there is nothing funny about it. In 2005 Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on […]

Thrilla in Parkzilla: ROUND TWO!

If you missed round one catch up HERE. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the most massive mega fight of all time, the ultimate showdown of the Disney gladiators, a fight that has been decades in the making, this is round two of the…. The crowd is still riled up after the first round of […]

Thrilla in Parkzilla Round 1

Which park is best? Six years ago I wrote a series of articles for our friends at miceage.com. The purpose was to evaluate and compare each of the Disney parks to see which one truly reigned supreme. In a tough fought brawl to take it all one park emerged as the ultimate victor.   But […]

You’re Fat: Disney’s Gold Key Dining Plan Was the Trip of a Lifetime!

  At least according to statistics you are.  If you are an American then chances are good that you can’t fit into those huge pants of yours and it’s all Disney’s fault.   Donald’s Lipitor prescription has not helped.   Disney is pushing the Disney Dining plan these days… hard.  It’s not because they are […]

Pitching a tent.

Camping sucks. You may catch poison ivy, be ravaged by malaria-riddled mosquitoes, or get mauled by a rabid squirrel all the while avoiding molestation by marauding hill-folk. Michael Eisner even wrote a book called “Camp” and you know that can’t be good. Where is the fun in eating canned meat and sleeping on the ground in […]

Who you calling dummy… DUMMY!

Test Track is full of dummies.  They get smashed and pounded in the queue, during the preshow and on the ride itself.  These dummies were made to be abused; fiberglass and steel can take a great deal of punishment.  Ummmm, wrong dummies.   Carmakers use these crash test dummies to beat up, they are stand-ins, […]