A view forever lost… times two.

As construction on the massive Fantasyland expansion gets underway it got me thinking of simpler times.  I realized that in fact sometimes it is the simple things you miss the most.
One day not too long ago there were mighty submarines plying the waters of a crystalline lagoon smack in the middle of Fantasyland. Of course this is nothing new to any fan of Disney parks; for 23 years 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea fascinated and mostly delighted guests at Walt Disney World.

Green with Envy
Similarly there was once a time, not that far back, when visitors could board a tram in the sky and travel high above Fantasyland. The Skyway afforded spectacular and unique views of the park.
I can see my house from here!
We can argue if the removal of these attractions was a good idea or not (hint: at least 50% of the decision was really, really bad) but what is done is done. However, by removing these attractions the Magic Kingdom lost some unique vistas, none more so that what we see below, the intersection of the Skyway and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
Where’s Winnie?
Something else you may notice from the above shot… no tents from Mickey’s Birthdayland / Starland / Toontown Fair.  Just a pleasant and serene ride high above Fantasyland and a view to die for.
Ah for simpler times.

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  1. I love how raw it looks behind 20K, without the Starland tents. I don’t miss Skyway all that much (the view on the other side of the bucket was of the tarpaper roofs of Fantasyland), but 20K is definitely one for the ages.

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