Disney missed one…

We are not the most serious bunch around here… if you have read a Parkeology post then you probably have a pretty good idea that we like to goof around.  But that does not mean that we are not also full of clever (and accurate) tips and info that Disney fans may find useful.

Such is the case with our post today.

Test screenings did NOT go well.

Tangled has been a fairly sizable hit for Disney this Holiday season.  Sure, it’s not Toy Story 3 but it has been met with both critical and commercial success and I am happy to see it.  As I am sure many of you know Tangled has something to do with a girl with some crazy name and magic hair.  Speaking of crazy names she has a pet lizard named after a really old computer programming language.

They MUST have a ton of cool stuff featuring this guy!

Anyway… Pascal the chameleon is what I am really concerned with here. He’s your typical Disney side kick; cute and feisty and able to add some comic relief here and there.  Your kids probably like Pascal and you may be out there looking for some new Pascal related Christmas gift for them. However other than a lame plush Disney somehow missed any meaningful consumer goods featuring Pascal…

Little Billy will have the bestest Christmas EVER!

Now here comes the helpful, very un-Parkeology-like gift giving tip: Head over to Think Geek and you will find a very cool, hi-tech chameleon named Huey.

Because 80’s pop stars are way cooler than 17th century mathematicians

Huey is a chameleon just like Pascal and they basically look the same… you could slap a Tangled sticker on the box and your kids would never know the difference, of course I am assuming your kids are kind of dense. Huey actually changes colors and just like Pascal in the movie takes batteries and lights up at night. He is not a cuddly addition to the family but he makes for a killer night light and is still more cuddly than Blaise Pascal who tends to be a little uptight.

Huey loves early 80’s EPCOT and if you don’t get that then you need to read Parkeology more.

Huey is a soft plastic figure with programable LEDs inside of him and a color meter underneath.  When you place him on a colored surface he changes colors to match that surface.  It really is a brilliant idea and Disney really did miss the boat by not making this look exactly like Pascal instead of Think Geek making him look a lot like Pascal.

Separated at Birth?

So there you go… when Disney drops the ball you just need to get a little creative, and Parkeology.com is your trusted source for consumer product testing and buying advice.  We give Huey the certified Parkeology seal of coolness (which you will not find an image of here because, well, I’m feeling lazy and making one would take effort).

Great for use in your dimly lit, color coordinated play room.

In case you are still having trouble understanding what Huey does I guess it’s not just your kids that are a little dense, but here is some video… you still have time to get him by Christmas! (if you watch closely you will see a cameo by the original TRON arcade game… which is cool as well).

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