Euro Disney

I am not normally a conspiracy theorist when it comes to Disney. I don’t believe any of that stuff about frozen Walt or the Little Mermaid movie poster or pretty much anything beginning with the phrase “According to the research of Marc Eliot.”

Collapses in case of hurricane.
But I could maybe be persuaded that Disney World is secretly a member of the European Union. Think about it. The whole thing operates as its own little country. A little European country. Disney World has toyed with its own universal currency. It used to require a passport to get into its different parks. Its parking situation is ridiculous. If not for the ban on topless sunbathing, I think we’d see it listed on the map of Europe, sandwiched somewhere between Spain and France. It already has a bigger footprint than Luxembourg.
And its own version of the Chunnel. Photo courtesy of BestOfWDW.
It’s one big multilingual continent, complete with various definitions of personal hygiene and a form of socialized medicine in which no one ever dies on property. But I never realized until recently that it uses  European road laws.
“There’s only two things I can’t stand: People who are intolerant of other people’s cultures, and the Dutch.” — Nigel Powers.
Okay, so it’s just for trams at the Transportation and Ticket Center. But I never noticed it before, and now it just looks odd every time I see it. Makes me want to stop shaving my arm pits and putting ice in my drinks. Or vice versa.

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  1. I know I’m kinda late to this. But I never realized that in almost 30 years of riding the trams. The things you learn wasting time at work. Thanks.

    • You will never NOT notice it now. And we are nothing if not the number one waste of time in America!

  2. My in depth research shows that Cyprus and Malta also drive on the left! That’s practically all of the European nations right there!

    Okay, good catch. But it’s still weird!

  3. It’s only the UK and Ireland that drive on the correct (left) side. The rest of Europe drive on the right.

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