Lost and Abandoned Disney Details

Adventureland Veranda Uncovered

Crowds have been extremely high this holiday season, and one of the byproducts of the crushing masses is that Disney will occasionally get desperate enough to open up areas that were previously off-limits.  By sheer chance, I had the opportunity to set foot in one of the Magic Kingdom’s oldest and most dormant spaces yesterday. […]

Does the Original Star Tours Break the Star Wars Canon Timeline?

Star Tours is one of those rare Disney attractions based on a property owned by someone else.  George Lucas officially sanctioned the ride — and with this level of detail, there’s no doubt Lucasfilm opened the archives to the Imagineers for reference.  They scrutinized costumes, painstakingly recreated props, and hired original actors like Anthony Daniels […]

Hands-On Animation

Almost everyone who passes through the gates at Disney’s Hollywood Studios is familiar with the celebrity hands-in-cement that grace the courtyard of the Chinese Theater, right at the entrance to the Great Movie Ride.  But most guests don’t know that there is another courtyard honoring some of the greatest actors in movie history.  This courtyard […]