Lost and Abandoned Disney Details

Guard Duty

Back when Disney’s Hollywood Studios first opened, there wasn’t much to it.  Sure, the park was only slightly smaller than the Magic Kingdom, but if you looked at the map, you’d see that it fully half of the real estate was taken up by something called a “Backstage Tour.” Yes, this was a hearkening back […]

Where great rides go to die PART 2.

In our last installment we took a look at the bizarre journey parts of the Horizon’s show scenes took as they traveled from Orlando to Paris only to become in essence garbage. I had mentioned that in the video we could see another piece of Disney history rotting away in the “bone-yard” of Disney Studios […]

A view forever lost… times two.

As construction on the massive Fantasyland expansion gets underway it got me thinking of simpler times.  I realized that in fact sometimes it is the simple things you miss the most.   One day not too long ago there were mighty submarines plying the waters of a crystalline lagoon smack in the middle of Fantasyland. […]

A Great Place To Meet Models

As a Disney World fanatic growing up, I would always end each trip with a collection of park guide maps, so that I could pour over them later back home in Indiana.  Sometimes I couldn’t wait until I got back home, so I would pour over them in the hotel room.  Remember back when it […]

Where great rides go to die.

No matter how you look at it Horizons was an attraction that closed too soon. Even those who felt it was dated before it even opened at Epcot Center in 1983 would have to admit that being operational for a scant 16 years was a disservice to the enormous effort that went into creating it. […]

New Parkeologist – NOW WITH VIDEO!

Well, after a lot of begging Shane has seen it fit to promote me from lowly “guest contributor” to a full time parkeologist. That means that I will be diluting Shane’s enlightening prose with posts of my own from time to time.   Shane previously posted my attempted explanation of the Dinoland USA back story […]

Life Size Pixie Hollow

Tinkerbell wasn’t always this popular.  Sure, she has been kicking off fireworks shows for decades now, but that was just because it was sort of her job, not because little girls were clamoring for more Tink.  And while it’s definitely a thrill to see her glide down from the castle’s tallest spire, older Magic Kingdom […]