New Parkeologist – NOW WITH VIDEO!

Well, after a lot of begging Shane has seen it fit to promote me from lowly “guest contributor” to a full time parkeologist. That means that I will be diluting Shane’s enlightening prose with posts of my own from time to time.

Shane previously posted my attempted explanation of the Dinoland USA back story and I thought I would follow it up with an exclusive video.
This is the first of what we hope will be a regular series of videos only available on so click on the video below and thrill at Tri-cera-tops, Gasp at the Dino Institute, kill four minutes while you frozen burrito heats up but check it out!

I look forward to posting more often but right now Shane is making me wash his car and do his laundry for a month… these blog initiations are tough!

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  1. Hey, this video link doesn’t work.

    • Hey Ben… going WAY back there huh?
      Link has been updated, see if this works… YouTube may limit you from seeing it on a mobile device FYI… you mayneed to use a laptop / desktop.

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