Five Socially Awkward Ways to Ride Rides at Walt Disney World

Disney prides itself on making everyone feel comfortable. Nobody wants a socially awkward situation. But if you’re not careful, it can happen. Here are five of the most socially awkward ways in which to ride rides at Walt Disney World. I have done all of these. The Longest Ride Ever This is not when a ride […]

Claim Your Dumbo

I love paying attention to the detales. Im extremeley detail oriented. I am self-diagnosed with OCD, which means I just offended everyone who is professionally diagnosed with OCD. But I love a good fixation, and Disney gives me many opportunities in which to sink my teeth, as if I were a vampire and the theme […]

Storybook Circus Breaks New Ground

When I think back on all the storybooks I read as a kid, it’s clear that they all had one theme in common. Circus. Even the crappy ones my mom bought at the school book fair came in a three-ring binder. I finally had a chance to check out Phase 1 of the Fantasyland Expansion […]