Disney Animated Movies Canon – The New Regime

Well now. That was an adventure, wasn’t it? Things couldn’t be better than they are, here in the fabulous 2010s. Parkeology hit the global media market in a big way. Our faces were on seemingly every TV channel in the country. A guy named John Cameron Swayze gave us all the news. A lot of singing […]

Bear Attacks!

Today we hit the midway point on the great T.T.D.T.P.C. list. Click here for the previous entires. We have already seen fast food companies flock to the parks, the Funmeister get sent packing, icons being destroyed and George Lucas run amok. Today we get attacked by a bear. 6) Here comes Pooh! Who would guess that a loveable, […]

Stay Out Of The Woods

      Our planet is full of sinister powers, but perhaps none more so than the power of nature to swallow up the once-grand civilizations of man. The Earth may be round, but it still has its corners – dark pockets of mystery where the forest shrouds a decaying edifice, lost to history. For […]

Disneyland: A Division of Vandelay Industries

Seinfeld fans may remember Vandelay Industries, the fictional business invented by George Costanza as a means of falsifying his employment.  As I recall, Vandelay started as a latex business, but evolved into an import/export company.  It had what is known as a “diversified business model.” Imports:  Chips (potato; some corn).  Exports: Diapers Disneyland is a […]

Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Queue

This tree is so much more awesome living 30 feet away from where it used to live. Today I want to talk about Interactive Pooh.  No, I will not be stooping to any cheap bathroom jokes.  I hope.  But I did get a chance to see the new Queue for Winnie-the-Pooh out at the Magic […]