Disney Doubles Down on Fading 70s Puppet Show

While its rival opens up yet another ho-hum thrill ride based on a monkey from the 1930s, Disney has revolutionized the theme park business with announcements for not one but two next-generation themed experiences, aimed squarely at the emerging Millenial audience. Dubbed a “Potter-killer” by industry pundits (a reference to Universal’s well-received Harry Potter lands), the […]

Stage One Company Store

There’s an old argument among parkeologists about what passes for theming. You can have a themed birthday party, in which kids wear cowboy hats and eat boot-shaped cake and try to lasso the cat. That fits the definition of “theme.” What Disney does is something else, something more story-based (though Imagineering heroes like Marc Davis […]

Lion King House of Horrors

Who doesn’t love the Lion King?  It is non-stop cuddly creatures from the opening number until the very end of the movie.  Snuggly lions, huggable warthogs, squeezy giraffes.  Just sitting in the movie theater makes you want to save all the animals in the world, to spread a message of peace, love, and harmony.  We […]

Muppet Labs Creates Beaker’s Best Line

  Last Saturday marked the reopening of MuppetVision 3-D, a Studio staple since the early 90s.  The rehab included a new digital projection system, resulting in crystal clear images the likes of which haven’t been seen since Jim Henson’s mind-expansion experiments in the 70s.  The show also got new carpet and seat coverings, shunting some […]

Muppet Lockers

The Stage 1 Company Store near the exit to MuppetVision is riddled with gags and in-jokes, just like the 3D theater.  But oftentimes it’s easy to overlook some of the nice touches hidden in the clutter. For instance, as you enter through the door pictured on the left, you pass through what is ostensibly a […]