Muppet Lockers

The Stage 1 Company Store near the exit to MuppetVision is riddled with gags and in-jokes, just like the 3D theater.  But oftentimes it’s easy to overlook some of the nice touches hidden in the clutter.

For instance, as you enter through the door pictured on the left, you pass through what is ostensibly a prop storage area, jam packed with trunks and equipment.  On the right is a bank of lockers, for use by studio personnel.  Other than the quirkiness of some of the artifacts, there is nothing about this area that screams “Muppets.”  But if you look closely, you can see that a few lucky Muppets have managed to claim these lockers for their own personal use (or maybe it’s just a reference to Muppets Take Manhattan, in which they spent some time living out of bus lockers).

Since this space does not use any names or pictures, only a die-hard Muppet fan would recognize their favorite felt character’s personal items.  See if you can match each locker to the correct character.  Drop me a comment if you get stuck.





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  1. From bottom to top we have Kermit, Piggy, I thought maybe Scooter (but by hovering mouse over picture I discovered it was Rowlf), I would have guessed the girl in the Electric Mayhem, and then Gonzo.

    • Scooter is a good guess for the music locker! I’m actually second-guessing myself on Rowlf. It’s been a few years now since I examined those lockers in any detail. The sneaker doesn’t really make sense for a dog…

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