5 Most Anticipated Disney Rides of the 2020s

We’ve spent the last week going through every decade of Disney parks, from the earliest days of Disneyland to the cutting edge technology of today. Now that the 2020s are here, what will be the most anticipated Disney rides of the next decade? If you’d like to check out our decade-by-decade review, click below: 1950s […]

5 Greatest Disney Rides by Decade: The 2010s

We’ve come along way since we started our journey. From Disneyland’s humble beginnings all the way into a new millennium. We’ve ranked 5 of the greatest Disney attractions from each decade. And now we come to the 2010s. Want to revisit earlier decades before we continue? Click below: 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s 2010s […]

Something you don’t know about Shanghai Disneyland

A few weeks back reader (and apparent The Black Hole super-fan) GREG called me out for being lazy. Yes GREG I read the comments and words hurt. GREG accused me of not pulling my weight around the Parkeology campus. Lets look at the facts GREG; my last post was in June, a mere six months […]

Shanghai Disneyland and the End of Civilization: Welcome to Thunderdome

Society has collapsed. Mob rule, bedlam, and anarchy are the norm. Unnamed vandals and costumed thugs roam the lawless streets; unruly clans devour every inch of space squeezing the life out of the remaining panicked innocents. The once pristine land has been laid to waste, water is in short supply and the unflinching heat shows […]