Goofy and the Pirate King

Happy 2013! My New Year’s Resolution is to finally write some serious, relevant, thought-provoking posts, and stop monkeying around with silly stuff.

Having said that, when looking at my Alien Encounter toys yesterday, I found another item from Disney’s defunct line of die-cast attraction vehicles. I was so fascinated by it, I had to write immediately.

"One root beer, one snowcone, please."

“One root beer, one snowcone, please.”

This is a generic Pirates of the Caribbean boat with Goofy and a buccaneer, having just left the A&W Drive-Thru. Or maybe I have the wrong restaurant. Seriously, that pirate looks extremely familiar. Where have I seen that face before?

"What be I offered for this winsome Whopper?"

“What be I offered for this winsome Whopper?”

I don’t believe it! It’s the long-awaited reunion of Goofy and the Burger King! There is a sitcom here, I tell you. Disney would make millions. Anyway, as I was saying about my New Year’s resolution… aw crap.


Shane was raised on a steady diet of EPCOT Center and Kenner action figures. Parkeology is the happy result. He is the creator along with his friend Ted of the WDW47 Challenge and the WDW49 Challenge — featured by such media giants as CNN, ABC, FoxNews, and the in-flight magazine for Norwegian Air. With his brother Tristan, Shane is the author of the adventure fantasy novels Arabian Heist and Johnny Shipwreck. He currently resides in the Swiss Family Treehouse.

One thought on “Goofy and the Pirate King

  1. Oh, better far to live and die
    under the brave, black flag I fly
    Than ride around with a mug of grog
    In a tiny boat with a talking dog

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