The Portrait You’ve Never Seen

This is one of those spooky things that I love about the Haunted Mansion.  The lost portrait.  I guarantee that unless you have been on the ride during some sort of extenuating circumstances (such as an evacuation), you have not seen this picture.

Yet it is right there, staring back at you with those creepy eyes.

Nothing obscures it at all.  It’s not behind you, or hidden in the attic or anything like that.  It’s on a wall, like any other portrait.  It’s close.  You pass within a couple feet of it, directly in front of your face.  But what makes it strange is that the wall is in complete darkness and you simply will not see it.  If you’re quick, you can catch the outline of the frame, which is how I stumbled across it.  And it took another ride through, with me disobeying the Ghost Host’s orders for no flash pictures, to finally see what the painting looked like.

It’s an eerie woman, holding an eerie cat, along with a set of inverted eyeball glasses, with pupils looking in different directions.  I have no idea what it is supposed to represent, but it is deliciously creepy.

You may wonder where this mysterious picture is located.  It’s actually right at the very end of the ballroom sequence:  The wall on the far left of your doombuggy, where you turn to head into the Attic.  You may be too busy watching the organist below you, but if you just turn to your left, this woman is staring at you the whole time, from the complete and utter blackness of the wall.  Hope it gives you a shiver.

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  1. I love that name, “Sinister 11.” In my opinion, this is the most invisible of them, but maybe we can have some fun tracking down all of them. I now know where a few more are hiding…

  2. That portrait was moved there during the 2007 refurbishment/upgrade. It was formerly one of the “Sinister 11” – the portraits that had eyes that watched you as you drifted by in your Doom Buggy. The rest of the 11 portraits are scattered throughout the Mansion, some in the loading area, some in the first couple of scenes. The one you posted here is definitely one of the harder ones to spot.

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