Chasing the Moon: The Funmeister Vinylmation

I never bought a pair of Mouse Ears, though I did receive one as a gift.

I own very few collectible pins, most of which were won during a couple stints on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Play It, and the rest as perks from various races and events and things.

During an unfortunate episode in the 90s, I once bought a couple of Walt Disney Classics Collection figurines, until I figured out that for the price of a dozen, I could buy a decent used car.

But I have to admit, I dig the Vinylmation.

Now I try to be very restrained in my purchases, because this could spiral out of control quickly, but have you seen these new Park Starz figures? They are Vinylmations without the traditional Mickey shape, each one custom molded to a very abstract representation of something from the parks. And incidentally, there is a Vinylmation spoiler below, so tread lightly.

For those of you that don’t know, Vinylmations are bought sight unseen. You never know which one you’re going to get (hopefully one you don’t already own). And to make things even more interesting, there is also a secret “chaser” figure in every set, that is not shown on the display.

I already owned a Tiki Bird, a Small World dude, and a Horizons Robot (and I am seriously considering starring them in a youtube sitcom sort of like Three’s Company). But check out the one I got recently.

Is it hot in here, or is it just you, baby?

Blue leisure suit disco pose. Disturbingly-shaped nose. Bushy painted eyebrows. Yes, that is none other than the Funmeister!

The eponymous mascot of Pleasure Island’s nightly New Year’s Eve party is the chaser for the Park Starz set, and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. That is a nice, obscure reference that rewards the true fan, and is one of the things I love about the Vinylmation series. This is the first chaser I have ever owned, and I’m proud to say I got him legitimately (no ebay or trading — just a lucky pick from the box).

It seemed very serendipitous, this being New Year’s week and all. And Funmeister is rapidly becoming something of a parkeology mascot. I’m seriously thinking of starting another youtube sitcom called “Famed Naturalist John Muir and the Funmeister.” They would live in an apartment in New York and John would be the stuffy roommate, but the Funmeister would always be getting them into hilarious hijinks. And maybe a Country Bear lives across the hall as an annoying neighbor or something.

Anyway, I kind of just wanted to post this to make Teevtee jealous, since he was the original Funmeister champion.

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  1. Teev, it is yours the minute I get back my People Mover coffee mug that you also “borrowed”.

    And Melissa, we’re obviously thinking along the same lines. I do need a good theme song for it though. “Come and knock on our door…”

  2. And I’m dying imagining the sitcom. I’m imagining a combination of The Odd Couple. Three’s Company, Perfect Strangers, and Mr. Belvedere. The Funmeister, of course, would be the wacky neighbor, a sort of celestial FurleyKramer, if you will. There would be all kinds of cheap Lucy/Ricky-style gags with José and the Small World kid picking on each others’ accents.

  3. VERY jealous Shane!

    Seriously… I assume that this will be on my desk after the new year for my safe keeping.

    Ironically after falling from the face of the earth for a coupel months I was all prepared to FINALLY put up a post and Shane not only had us covered but with the Funmeister nonetheless.

    Oh well, it can wait but the Funmeister and fake new years rocks!

  4. Love, love, love the Park Starz.

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