Say it ain’t so Mr. Funmeister

Today we are continuing our list of the Top Ten Disney Theme Park Controversies.If you missed the first entry click here to get caught up to date. We are slightly obsessed with at least one aspect of the former Pleasure Island around here but the Funmeister is not the only thing we miss about Pleasure […]

The Funmeister Secretly Spies on You From Above

If you believe in conspiracy theories, then you can twist anything to fit your theory. Not only can you twist it, you must twist it. Cubans assassinated JFK. The Moon Shot was faked. NBA games are rigged. And global warming is to blame for all of them. Here at the Parkeology offices, we have a […]

Chasing the Moon: The Funmeister Vinylmation

I never bought a pair of Mouse Ears, though I did receive one as a gift. I own very few collectible pins, most of which were won during a couple stints on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Play It, and the rest as perks from various races and events and things. During an unfortunate […]

Man in the moon

Disney gets in a rut from time to time. I guess they are like anyone else… sometimes the new ideas are just hard to come by.  Ever been on Universal’s “Earthquake” attraction? There was a ton of stuff going on at the Disney parks in the late 80’s and it all came to a head […]

San Francisco is Very Accessible, If You Ignore the Hills

One of the great things about being a Disney fan is that it allows us to boast about the little things.  Like themed exit signs or resort backstories or efficient parking lots (all things that I wish Universal would address someday). Pleasure Island may not be long for this earth, what with Hyperion Wharf moving […]