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Disney Animated Movies Canon – The Second Golden Age

In our previous post, we took a look at Disney’s most recent animated features, trying to pick the best theme park tie-in from each one. As we discovered, great theme park ties are few and far between. How can this be? Isn’t Disney a company built first and foremost on animation? Maybe, but it’s also […]

One year ago….

Just a quick note: It was one year ago today that Shane and I ran the infamous WDW47 attempt. It really represents what we are about at Parkeology and what we like to do (i.e.: stupid stuff). If you are new to Parkeology you should watch the WDW47 video by clicking here. Read about it […]

Teevtee’s Top Ten

It always has struck me that the phrase “paying homage” is a bit disingenuous. It may sound very nice and may imply that the person “paying homage” to someone or something is in fact crediting the source and showing respect, however in truth it’s just a fancy French way of saying “stealing”. For example Disney’s […]

MyMagic Backpack+++

New buds awaken on long dormant trees; perennial flowers emerge from hibernation and the air is filled with fresh warm breezes for the first time in many months.  This has been a long brutal winter for much of the nation; spring is bringing with it a sense of rejuvenation.  The sky is blue, the grass […]

A Great Movie Resolution

Here we are two weeks into the new year, and Parkeology has been as quiet as the FastPass+ Line for the Figment ride. So I think it’s time for a few resolutions. You can end your world hunger, if it suits you. Cure cancer, if that’s your thing. But as for me, I have but one […]

WDW47: The Video

Have you ever watched a documentary about some crazy daredevil guy? Maybe a guy who jumps off of buildings with parachutes or a surfer in shark infested waters. Maybe it was about a guy who climbed some incredibly massive mountain. The footage can be gripping, the cameras are often right there, right in the guy’s […]

Expedition Evacuation

When Shane and I were running WDW47 we joked that this would be the one day where a ride broke down and we were evacuated… thus destroying our hopes for success. Both of us have been to the parks innumerable times… we have ridden more rides than we can count.  I have been to every […]

Teevtee’s take WDW47 One week later: A day that will live in infamy

“There’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every KABOOM!”An enormous clap of thunder shudders through the rotating Carousel of Progress Theater interrupting the Sherman Brothers’ famous song and shaking the walls and seats. It’s sometime past 10:30 pm Sunday June 16th and Shane and I have completed 36 of the 47 […]

WDW47 Post Mortem

Just what did happen on Sunday? How did two guys who had never met in person before manage to work together in an attempt to do the impossible: See all 47 rides at Walt Disney World in a single operating day, in the sweltering June heat of peak tourist season? And above all, did we […]