One year ago….

Just a quick note:

It was one year ago today that Shane and I ran the infamous WDW47 attempt.

It really represents what we are about at Parkeology and what we like to do (i.e.: stupid stuff).

WDW47 Teaser Poster

If you are new to Parkeology you should watch the WDW47 video by clicking here.

Read about it here and here or the official Orlando Sentinel version here.

You can also listen to a brand new podcast interview Shane and I just did last night where we touch upon it as well… here

Happy WDW47 day everyone… more to come soon.

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  1. Great podcast and glad you liked the “commemorative plaque” I concocted for you guys on your Facebook page. LOL To celebrate the 1 year anniversary, will you be releasing an unedited director’s cut of the WDW47 video? The extended scene of Katie the Jungle Cruise captain would be awesome!!! Maybe a few outtakes and bloopers from the gag reel??? I’m sure as tired as you two were at the end, you had to start feeling loopy. I’ve been obsessed with attempting this, so much that I am semi-embarrassed to say that I’ve watched the WDW47 video at least once a week since I first saw it last year! A trip to Disney for October 2015 is in the works, so hopefully I’ll get a crack at it then. Thanks for the insight on how you came up with your plan of attack.

    • That’s awesome Ryan… I just hope you don’t start stalking Katie…

      Near the end we were so tired / wet / frantic that I barely had time to shoot much more than what you see on the video.

      I’m psyched that you enjoy the video and the whole silliness of the thing… maybe one day there will be an opportunity for a new video….

  2. Wow, can’t believe it’s been a year. I’m still kicking myself for missing out on the t-shirt! Hope we’ll get another chance someday.

    Still can’t believe you guys did it, I remember how tense that long day was. You two will always be legendary to me!
    –Melanie B.

    • Thanks Melanie… That’s very nice of you to say.

  3. A year already??
    That’s sad
    I wonder if the addition of the Mine Train would make a venture like this officially out of reach….

    • Had the mine train been open and it wasn’t a monsoon it easily could have been done. We had plenty if time and in fact did a bonus ride to make it 48.
      The issue now is more with Fast Pass plus than it is with the extra ride.


    • Sorry Annie…. I guess we should be talking about something really interesting like say behind the scenes hotel operations… now THAT is what people are dying to hear about!

  5. I can’t believe it’s been a year. Also the podcast was fun!

    Maybe you guys should consider starting your own Parkeology podcast? 🙂

    • Time flies… though I think I am just fully recovered now!

  6. Loved having you guys on the podcast. I really, really want to get a huge poster of that graphic made.

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