What if Disneyland Arrived 60 Years Too Late?

Try to imagine, just for a moment, a giant space monster punching Father Time right in the teeth. A punch hard enough to jar loose sixty years. A half-dozen meaningless decades. A skip on the record player of history. Now imagine that this cataclysmic punch occurred in 1901. History shrugs it off. Life finds a […]

The Backside of a Moose

There are some things that are sacred to a man, and severed animal heads are some of them.  Just the heads, mind you.  Nobody wants the stuffed backside of a moose sitting in their office. But severed heads, you can stick those anywhere and it will still look classy.  This is something females don’t seem […]

Politically Correct Snipers in the Frontierland Bell Tower

The Wild West used to be a rough and tumble place.  It was a hostile land, full of dark gunslingers, raging locomotives, and poisonous critters everywhere you stepped.  Actually, there were buffalo chips everywhere you stepped, but sometimes poisonous critters hid under them.  Cactus too. Nothing says “danger” like a fabulous serape. A man could […]

Born and Bred in a Fire Trap

Rabbits may be clever about a great many things, but the idea of open-flame cooking in a giant patch of brittle thorn brambles is probably not up there among the brightest ideas in the universe.  Witness Brer Rabbit’s house, the Briar Patch, where a giant fireplace makes a nice centerpiece to their little collection of kindle. […]