Match Game 3

One of the cool things about doing this site is that there are so many other people out there who are just as weird and obsessed about crazy Walt Disney World stuff as we are. Also, they are apparently deranged pyromaniacs. Our close personal friend Jess M. was kind enough to email some more pictures […]

A few more…

Nothing too fancy today but we thought you might enjoy seeing a few more of the matchbooks of Disney’s past… Think of this as a continuation of last weeks post and we will have some new stuff up soon.     The official hotels at the Hotel Plaza got in on the action as well. […]

Thank you for smoking…

It’s funny how times change.  One day Universal is the laughing stock of the theme park world, the next day they still are but now they have a really nicely done Harry Potter section.  Hey Listen, I am not going to make fun of this, it’s sweet. Seriously, it is amazing how what was considered […]

Who you calling dummy… DUMMY!

Test Track is full of dummies.  They get smashed and pounded in the queue, during the preshow and on the ride itself.  These dummies were made to be abused; fiberglass and steel can take a great deal of punishment.  Ummmm, wrong dummies.   Carmakers use these crash test dummies to beat up, they are stand-ins, […]