A few more…

Nothing too fancy today but we thought you might enjoy seeing a few more of the matchbooks of Disney’s past…

Think of this as a continuation of last weeks post and we will have some new stuff up soon.



The official hotels at the Hotel Plaza got in on the action as well.



Th Gulf Coast Room… Click HERE if you want to know more about
this former high end Contemporary hot spot.



Long before the Outback was a chain of faux Australian
steak houses there was the Outback and Kookaburra bar
serving up 3 pound lobsters and drinks at the Buena Vista Palace.
And what exactly is going on in that “Good Time Bar” anyway?



In later days (this from circa 1991) Disney was still making matches,
though it feels as if  they were not trying as hard.



The Royal Plaza also in the official Hotel Plaza near Down Town Disney
(then the Shopping Village) pulled double duty.  One side for the Disney location, the other
for Tampa.  Clearly they did not have access to Disney’s design staff.



The death throws…. by 1993 the matches were fading away and were becoming hard to find.
The Wilderness Lodge had them but gone were the fancy custom jobs. This is a generic
pack of matches with the standard logo slapped on one side, the other side left bare.
From here they disappeared altogether.

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