Peter Pan’s Shadow is the Only Real Shadow in Peter Pan’s Flight

In the Parkeology offices, we have a pretty decent collection of shadows. Some of these are fairly standard. You’ll find them in any shadow collection. But we also have some rare ones. We’ve got a Yeti shadow from Everest and an actual talking Brer Frog shadow from Splash Mountain. A few months back, we captured […]

Disappearing Aliens

Magic is the tool of choice for Imagineering, and perhaps no trick is so astounding as when they make awesome Tomorrowland attractions disappear.  You know.  The classics:  Skyway, Alien Encounter, Timekeeper… Not so fast, Delta Dreamflight. On occasion, Imagineering has been known to work a little magic inside an attraction as well.  Stitch’s Great Escape […]

Street Magic Revealed

Test Track is one of Epcot’s most popular attractions, but its best illusion may be an overlooked part of the scenery in the exit area.  Most visitors hurry through the factory set on their way to the GM showroom, yet the factory contains more detail than most of the ride: everything from plant employee lockers, […]