Diznee Piksar’s “Automobiles”

One of the things that must be frustrating for Disney is making untold piles of cash and being adored by millions of fans around the world. Because then you have to content with all the leeches that want to rip you off. There’s nothing worse than having your Grandma walk into a Best Buy and […]

This Stunningly Boring Office Facade is a Theming Masterpiece

As a long-time park fan, it’s always fun for me when first-timers get hit over the head with a classic bit of Disney magic. Some people truly have no idea just how great the parks are — until they round the corner and see a boring office facade. My all-time favorite bit of boring office […]

Pixar Eyes May Be Detailed, But Disney’s Animatronic Eyes Are Insane

Apparently, Pixar’s success has nothing to do with their awesome stories. Google (no pun intended) the phrase “Pixar eyes” and you will find scores of tutorials, white papers, literary criticisms, journal articles, and Masters theses — all dealing with the awesomeness of Pixar eyes. You’d think that the entire art form begins and ends with […]

Merchandise Mashup

I may not be the biggest fan when it comes to turning Disney theme parks into a shopping mall.  I still miss the days when the shops actually carried unique, one-of-a-kind items.  It was a simpler time, when the experience meant more than spreadsheets, spending trends, and maximizing ROI (which I think stands for “Roy […]