5 Greatest Disney Rides by Decade: The 2000s

In the early 2000s, the number of Disney parks would increase once again. But for the first time ever, the company would falter. Come with us as we explore the not only a new decade but a new millennium and the chance to rank 5 more of Disney’s greatest and most important rides. You can […]

Toy Story Land Will Transform the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge

On June 30, 2018, Disney will officially open Toy Story Land, the newest land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And when Disney cuts the ribbon, the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge will open right along with it. The goal of the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge is to ride every ride at Walt Disney World in a single day. Toy […]

4 Surprising Things We Learned About Toy Story Land

Last week Disney unveiled the Toy Story Land model at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And because I am forever getting trapped into awkward situations, I had to contend with a hyper-friendly Cast Member who wanted to tell me all about it. If you’re reading this site, chances are you’re a reasonably informed Disney fan. You already […]

Disney’s Secret Plans to Rename The Last Jedi

Lucasfilm is one of only two brands in the world that can drop three mysterious words — The Last Jedi — and immediately melt down the internet as everyone tries to decipher what it all means. The good folks at the Walt Disney Imagineering Department of Namin’ Things! (DON’T!) solved this problem long ago. If Lucasfilm had […]

10 Coolest Things Animatronics Have Ever Done

Audio Animatronics have evolved a lot since their debut as multicultural stereotypes.  Jose, Michael, Pierre, and Fritz were pretty darn cool.  They could move.  They could talk.  They could do both at the same time (something Al Gore never learned).  But even Isaac Asimov couldn’t imagine what they’d do next. Answer:  Activate Skynet. We’re a […]