The Bird Room

The World of Disney Store is a weird confluence of Disney imagery. Fairy Godmothers paint your daughter up like Miley Cyrus, a giant blue alien spits at you, animatronic pirates rattle their cages, and giant faux chrome characters loom overhead like nightmarish Macy’s Day Parade balloons.

Photo by Loren Javier

For creepy sculptures, none beats the soul-less form of John Smith, resting comfortably in a rocking chair, clutching what is either a paintbrush or a torch for burning witches, with a teacup floating magically at hand. Kids, if John Smith ever turns his icy stare on you when he’s in a painting mood, you best say a short prayer. And then you better run.

Yet the store is not without its fun details. My particular favorite is what I call the Bird Room. Maybe it has an official Disney name (The Celebratory Magical Memories of Wishful Dreams and You Room). It consists mainly of polo shirts. And also a ceiling mural, which I can stare at for hours. Okay, maybe not hours. That would be weird. And give me a heckuva neck ache.

I guess the reason I like it so much is that it is one of those rare nods to the whole pantheon of Disney characters — not just the latest Princess or wise-cracking sidekick voiced by the comedian flavor of the month. They’re not all birds. There’s some squirrels scattered about in the mural, a few dancing bugs, at least one talking tree. They do have some of the more familiar birds. Iago and Zazu both put in an appearance, and with the closure of Under New Management, this is now the only spot you can still see them together. And it’s even better than the attraction, since neither one of them speaks.

I love the obscure references to some of the old short films. We have characters from Who Killed Cock Robin? and The Grasshopper and Ants. There’s even a gag ripped straight from The Three Caballeros, where a bird with a scissor tail is frozen in mid-snip, having just given an unexpected trim to a rather vain blue specimen.

Here is a comprehensive look at the whole mural, made possible through some lazy Photoshopping. Clicking it should embiggen the image. How many characters can you name?

Shane was raised on a steady diet of EPCOT Center and Kenner action figures. Parkeology is the happy result. He is the creator along with his friend Ted of the WDW47 Challenge and the WDW49 Challenge — featured by such media giants as CNN, ABC, FoxNews, and the in-flight magazine for Norwegian Air. With his brother Tristan, Shane is the author of the adventure fantasy novels Arabian Heist and Johnny Shipwreck. He currently resides in the Swiss Family Treehouse.

4 thoughts on “The Bird Room

  1. I love those Jungle Book vultures. So obviously trying to pay tribute to the Beatles.

    And the Robin Hood vultures are easy to tell apart from the others, since they’re the only vultures wearing clothes (and do not appear in this mural)

  2. I had to look them up determine whether I saw Jungle Book vultures, Robin Hood vultures, or Snow White vultures.

    Not that I’m gonna “carry on” about it!

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