Sea Serpent Redux Again

To the Staff at,

I wasn’t going to say anything, but then Scales had to open his big mouth about being left out, and I felt obliged to write in with yet another correction to your ill-conceived article about WDW Sea Serpents.  Scales feels slighted because he is the largest Sea Serpent on property.  But as we well know, being the largest of something is not akin to being the most important.

Scales may very well be the largest, but he is not the eldest, and he has no sense of history (and apparently neither do your editors and your brainless content contributors).  I have been plying the waters of the Seven Seas Lagoon since the early 70s, and I’m still going strong.  Why I should be left of of your “comprehensive” list is a mystery, and the cause of much laughter in the Sea Serpent break room behind Big Thunder Mountain.

Anyway, I encourage you to spend more time understanding our family history.  We Sea Serpents are really not so bad, once you get to know us.

Ever yours,
The Electrical Water Pageant Sea Monster

Ed. Note – We are indeed sorry for the glaring error.  The writer responsible for the article has been placed on probation.  If we have missed any more sea serpents, we invite them to contact us at their convenience and we will rectify the situation.

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