Sea Serpent’s Revenge

We interrupt our normal postings to deal with an ongoing issue here at the Parkeology offices.  We have already apologized profusely, but it seems there is just no pleasing some groups.

Some of our newer readers may not be familiar with this feud, so first a bit of history.  Back in January, we endeavored to pay homage to our mythological brothers from under the oceans, a type of animal known as the aquaticus serpentinus.  We thought it might be fun to chronicle the various occasions of these creatures appearing on Disney property, and did so in a post appearing here. At that time, we were still using the polite term Sea Serpent, but after the headaches and anxiety brought upon us by these mythic beasts, we are sorely tempted to refer to them by what must surely be their true nature: the Sea Monster.

Noble. Honorable. Charitable.  Yeah, I’m talking about the guys in the boats.

It was never our intention to insult this species, but we inadvertently did so by omission, prompting a series of angry letters, first from Scales, the serpent residing at Port Orleans, then from the Electrical Water Pageant serpent.

As several months have passed since our last exchange, we thought that we had put this issue behind us.  But following last week’s post regarding Animal Kingdom’s lost water temple, another serpent has appeared from the woodwork to take umbrage at our omission — even though we clearly stated that more posts would be forthcoming about the secret map Teevtee and I discovered.

Here is the latest in a long line of insulting, insinuating, and frankly childish letters from a member of a once proud race.  It is printed here in its entirety — with no editing — so you, the reader, can understand our challenges in dealing with these creatures.  We have also reposted the relevant portion of the secret map, to provide a point a reference.

To stupid

Is you guys brain dead?  After you hurt my cousins publicly, you forget me.  I am right there on that map you ppl posted.  Yet you choose to look at silly temple.  I looked at silly temple for days.  I was only serpent in whole Animal Kingdom.  Yet you forget me.  I have half a mind 2 eat you as my supper. But I no has fork.  And no hands either, so only teeth.  It is hard work being a sea serpent to have yourself neglected by moron blog ppl.  Now I am major rock star you still blog don’t worry about me, I can have any blogger for supper I want.

Ha ha hope you guys feel bad you should.



Yes, obviously we editors are the stupid ones for neglecting to mention Flametree.  We humbly accept our rebuke and do not intend to stoop to Flametree’s level by pointing out that he no longer exists in Animal Kingdom.  Nor will we point out that he talks like an LOLCat.

Flametree barely qualified as a sea serpent in the first place.  He was mainly a water feature, for crying out loud.  You could see him from the patio seating area of the restaurant for which he was named, as well as from the Discovery River Boats.  Not many pictures exist of him, because frankly, who would want one?

If you’re desperate for a real picture, then go to somebody else’s site.  Check out for a small pic of him (more notable for the Asia construction in the background).

Youtube also has a video of him here.  He shows up around the 5:50 mark.  But seriously, this video is much more interesting because of its close-up zoom of the secret water temple, occurring at the 3:25 mark.

Hopefully Flametree is now appeased and can go back to being a “major rock star” (whatever).

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  1. Very cool find, Derek! That is of course one of the original concept pieces for Beastly Kingdomme. It’s not clear from the art whether that serpent was meant to be a statue or an animatronic.

    Of course, now I’m just depressed that we got Camp Minnie Mickey instead.

  2. so Shane I was looking around at old concept pictures of AK the other day looking for, oh I don’t know something like a secret temple (as if something like that exists haha) well anyway I DID find something that made me think of this post. All that I can say is I guess that Disney LOVES there sea serpents.

    Look at the bottom left corner

  3. BC and Zanna, while typing a comment asking what browser you were using, I just managed to replicate the problem. I will try to get this fixed ASAP.

  4. Zanna,

    I have that problem too, with the word verification box. Hitting the tab key seems to scroll down to where I can see the word.

  5. Agreed. Sadly they seem to love turning once-awesome vehicles (omnibuses?) into character caravans. =/

    Checking out the link now!

    (btw, whenever I try to comment, the word verification box that pops up isn’t big enough to show the box to enter the word and I can’t scroll down. Well, I can eventually, but I have to try to post it like 10 times. Is that just me? :P)

  6. The worst for me was when they took the wonderful aged boats that Imagineering had done, and painted them up nice for a “Radio Disney Cruise.” Not one of WDW’s high points.

  7. I loved that boat ride and am still mad it’s not in service anymore. I remember Flametree and that Iguanadon or whatever that was down further…I know I had pictures of all of this stuff from a decade ago but I searched for them back when Disney Shawn was blogging about the Discovery River boats and couldn’t find them then. LAME.

    Extra points for LOLcat speak.

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