The Thing Behind Door 24

It cannot be real. I won’t let it. Yet somehow the desperate, still-sane part of my mind will not let me forget the truly unsettling site I witnessed at the Magic Kingdom on the evening of March 24. As I write this, I am still quite shaken. I don’t know what will come of this nightmare. But there is a dark presence at work in Walt Disney World. And it is clutching at us all.

It happened on an innocent trip to Liberty Square. Wishes had just ended. A light rain was sending even the dedicated spring break crowd streaming for the exit. A perfect time for me to circle through the pleasantly empty sidewalks of the Magic Kingdom.

I crossed over the bridge from the Hub, studied the empty moat for a few moments before moving on. I was hungry, and checked out the menu for Sleepy Hollow. I decided with the chill from the rain that an ice cream sandwich did not sound appetizing.

I continued on past Hall of Presidents. No more shows for the evening. I rounded the corner, into that little outdoor sitting area between the Presidents and Columbia Harbor House. And then I saw it.

No other people were around in this little corner of the park — though they were certainly on the main walkway between Liberty Square and Fantasyland. Something flashed in the corner of my eye, startled me, made me turn around.

The Western face of Hall of Presidents is rather unremarkable. Colonial brick, a few faux doors, and the Paul Revere window on the second floor. Here’s how it looked the night of my passing:

Door 24

But there is something insidious behind Door 24. A strange force that delights in the creepiness of the ordinary. Allow me to brighten the above picture for you just a bit.

Door 24 Brightened

Do you see it? That thing lurking behind the window? It’s a ghostly presence, I tell you. The vestiges of some spirit creature roaming the halls of Liberty Square. What is this demon spawn? I moved in as close as I dared and turned on the flash. Behold!

Come inside and play.

Come inside and play.

Is that not the creepiest doll you have seen outside of Gran Fiesta Tour? What is that thing doing in the window, grinning its knowing smile, its pinpoint eyes searching the streets for easy prey? It’s got an odd wooden head, painted hair, a black backdrop. It’s a warning, I tell you. We have disturbed something primeval in our travels, and now it beckons our souls to come inside Door 24, where it can show us what darkness truly looks like. Perhaps it is the same evil spawn that drove the Carousel family to madness, or etched its permanent horror on the windows of New York Street, or devoured small children whole at Test Track.

Do not set foot in Liberty Square after dark. You are not safe. None of us are.


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  1. I know it’s long after you posted, but this made me wonder why it was there. The research I have turned up states that a child’s doll was put in the window during that time period to let firefighters know that a child lived in the house.

  2. I just saw the awful thing for myself and found this page after googling “liberty square creepy doll” I have no idea how I have never seen this before if it’s been there that long!

    • Glad you found us, rain! I am actually somewhat proud that Parkeology has cornered the search market for liberty square creepy dolls.

  3. I also ran into a creepy face last christmas at a corner of the Osborne Spectacle. Still haven’t convinced my fiancé it isn’t the baby from that 90’s Dinosaurs show.

    • Actually, I think that one really IS the baby from the 90s Dinosaurs show. I’ve read about him (it?) before.

      • no way!!!! it’s not Mr. Toad?!

        • Yup, it’s Baby Sinclair alright. I saw a lot of photos of him posted this past winter. Don’t worry, I won’t tell your fiancee.

  4. Whoa! That’s nearly as creepy as that horrible painting that’s been in Strong Mad’s closet. Incidentally, this doll has also given me a full case of the jibblies.

    • It sticks with you. And if you get too close, it sticks ON you. Right over your face.

  5. Wow!!!! What in the World?!?!

    • There is no explanation that can possibly make sense. It is just one of those supernatural phenomena.

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