Monsters on Main Street: The Horrifying Masks of The House of Magic

Terror Lurked in the Magic Kingdom Fathers stroll down Main Street hand in hand with their daughters, mothers wrangle the brood keeping everyone on schedule. It’s opening time at The Magic Kingdom and nothing could be more charming or innocent. Yet once there was something much more sinister at play here. Not long ago The […]

Disappearing Act

Anyone who reads this blog long enough to get past the repetitive John Muir jokes and the poorly concealed Tony Baxter man-crush knows we have a true love of Walt Disney World’s simpler time. Nothing symbolizes this more than the old House of Magic shop on Main Street (now part of Goofy’s Plush-o-rama and Magical […]

Finding Disney Magic (No, Not the Cruise Ship)

I’d love to be able to take credit for this next post, but it’s actually by a good friend of mine.  (“Yes!” you say.  “Finally, someone good to read.”)   We will call him Teevtee, in order to enhance his mysteriosity.  Plus, I sometimes still call him that, because that’s how I first knew him. […]