Dick Tracy: The Parks and a Secret Sequel

The movie fizzled, now what? Read About the Movie in Part One Here By the fall of 1990, it was clear that Dick Tracy was a dud. After the film’s tepid reception Disney removed the character from the parks; leaving behind only hints as to what could have been. Tracy-related shows, shops, and attractions were […]

Dick Tracy: Disney’s Next Big Thing That Never Was

Before Dick Tracy there was a Batman  Batman was the top-grossing movie of the 1989 besting the latest chapter in the Indiana Jones saga. The following year, in search of the next big thing, the Walt Disney Company copied every aspect of Batman and took a gamble on Dick Tracy; a 60-year-old gumshoe from the […]

Will Park Fans Enjoy Spider-Man Homecoming?

Spider-Man Homecoming opened this weekend. You heard it here first. If you spread the word, maybe this little indie can recoup its cost. There’s a lot of crossover between movies and theme parks. Disneyland was built by movie-makers. It uses movie tricks to tell movie stories. It even sells overpriced popcorn. So maybe there’s room to […]