The Virtual Parkeology Challenge Is About To Get Real

We are happy to introduce a brand new version of the Parkeology Challenge: The Virtual Parkeology Challenge!

What is the Parkeology Challenge?

It is the toughest theme park challenge ever created requiring participants to ride every single ride at Walt Disney World or the Disneyland Resort in one single day.

What is the Virtual Parkeology Challenge?

This is a one-time special event happening Saturday, April 4th 2020

It is a virtual way to experience the Disney parks from the comfort of your home. We will all share the experience together. It will be a crazy fun way to show our love for the Disney parks.

Who can participate?

Literally everyone and anyone can join the fun. If you ever thought the Parkeology Challenge seemed like a fun idea but you were not physically up for it, this is for you. If you have completed the Parkeology Challenge numerous times, this is for you. If you have never heard of the Parkeology Challenge, this is for you. If you are old, young, have not been born yet, a ghost… it doesn’t matter, this is for you!

How does it work?

The Virtual Parkeology Challenge is equal parts creative exercise and physical scavenger hunt. 

Parkeology will tweet out a ride– Pirates of the Caribbean, for example. Participants will have ten minutes to scramble around their house and find a creative, fun way to represent riding that ride. Participants then take a photo of themselves “riding” and tweet it out using the normal Parkeology Challenge tags: @parkeology #parkeologychallenge.

These photos are totally up to you — no limits, no requirements. You could take a photo of yourself watching Pirates of the Caribbean on TV. You could put on a pirate hat or you could float a boat in your tub. We are looking for fun, silly ways to represent each ride. Whatever you wish to do is fine with us!

Remember, just like in the normal Parkeology Challenge you must be in the photo!

After ten minutes Parkeology will tweet out the next ride. The rides must be done in the order Parkeology tweets. The goal here is for all of us to be “riding” each ride together at the same time. Please do not go out of order.

Because this is a virtual park anything can happen. That means ALL rides are now open for business (no refurbishments for us). We may be jumping around parks in ways traditionally impossible to do.

This is a group activity that gives us all a break from the news and an inclusive way to share what we love. If teams fall behind the ten-minute time limit for each ride or need to take a break that is no problem. Just follow our ride order, find interesting ways of representing riding each ride and have fun with us!

The Full Rules

  • Teams must visit and use our online form to sign up.
  • The Virtual Parkeology Challenge will be held April 4th 2020 starting at 11:00 am Eastern time. Everyone “rides” each ride at the same time so make sure to adjust for your time zone!
  • Each team will have ten minutes to tweet a photo “riding” each ride before the next ride is tweeted.
  • All teams must follow the ride order Parkeology tweets. You must go in the same order we do. Our ride list will come from the official Parkeology Challenge list of Walt Disney World rides.
  • All tweets must use @parkeology and #parkeologychallenge. This way everyone can see and follow along!
  • All tweets must include the team members in the photos. We are not just looking for just representations of each ride but rather participants as well.
  • There are 52 rides so it is an all-day event, roughly 8.5 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I take more than 10 minutes or miss a ride? Am I disqualified?

A: NO! If you fall behind for any reason don’t sweat it, there are no disqualifications in the Virtual Parkeology Challenge. Just do the best you can and catch up later.

Q: Can I take some photos ahead of time and tweet them out during the challenge or must I do it all on the actual challenge day in real-time?

A: How you approach this is totally up to you. If you want to make it a crazy dash around your house, then wait until the first tweet from Parkeology on April 4, 2020, and start finding a way to represent the ride then. On the other hand, if you have some fantastic ideas to represent the rides and you want to shoot a few selfies ahead of time that is also allowed. Please refrain from sharing any of your photos until Parkeology tweets out that particular ride. Make it as spontaneous and challenging or as calm and relaxing as you like!

Q: Will this cover Walt Disney World or Disneyland Rides?

A: This is every Walt Disney World ride — even those currently closed for refurbishment.

Q: Are there any limitations on how big my team is? I have a big family.

A: Nope, can be one person per team or 100… everyone is invited.

Q: What do I get for winning?

A: Happiness, pride in your accomplishment, and maybe a special new virtual badge!

Comments (13)

  1. Can we get a post highlighting some of the best idea’s people came up with for this?

    • We started to do that right after the event… then got lazy. This is a common theme for us.

      • You can do it!
        Your loyal readers believe in you.

        Plus finishing that up is an easy way to get one final post in before years end.

  2. Where are you guys?

  3. This sounds like a great idea while people are self isolating. We will be participating.

    • That’s the point of it! Glad you are going to join… you might want to get a jump on taking the ride photos… it’s harder than it sounds.

  4. What if my Parkeology partner does not live with me? Ack!

    • You will have to get creative? If it’s any consolation, Team Parkeology is in the same boat!

  5. Will it be just rides or will some shows and attractions also be in it?

    • As in the original Parkeology Challenge, this is just rides.

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