Swiss Family Treehouse Added a Brand New Scene and Somehow Everyone Missed It

The Swiss Family Treehouse recently returned from refurbishment. Just the usual. Replace some leaves. Paint some props. Fix that water wheel. Again. Oh, and somebody — a beautiful, wonderful somebody — added an entirely new scene. To understand what this means, you have to consider what we’re up against. Blockbusters in Adventureland By the time the […]

Return to Opening Day: Magic Kingdom 1971

Put on those bellbottoms, grab yourself a bandana, and brush out that Afro. We’re traveling to the groovy 70s, baby, for a date with destiny! Here age relives fond memories of the past and all that. Opening Day crowds were estimated to go as high as 100,000 people — all of them crammed onto I-4 […]

7 Unsung Disney Legends that Should Be in the Hall of Fame

You may or may not know that Disney has a Hall of Fame of sorts. It’s called the Disney Legends. And it is apparently total anarchy, run by a secret sub-committee of godless heathens intent on slighting every last one of my childhood heroes with their cruel and random acts of Legend Bestowing. Okay, not really. […]

Alternate Fantasy – Bizarro Adventureland

The strangest thing about Disneyland’s Adventureland is that the Treehouse is in the middle of the motherlovin’ sidewalk. It’s no secret that I have an unhealthy fascination with Magic Kingdom’s Swiss Family Treehouse. I love the way it’s perched out there on its own plant-infested island, sweltering in the hot florida sun. I love that […]

Did This Swiss Family Treehouse Cannon Protect Against Swan Boat Attacks?

If Hans Gruber wanted to attack Adventureland, he’d stand a pretty good chance at turning that Tiki Room pagoda into the next Nakatomi Tower, but everything is else is too much work. The Magic Carpets are guarded by spitting camels, the Jungle Cruise is too spread out, and the Pirates of the Caribbean has all […]