Universal Announces Even More Screens at Impromptu U24 Expo

In the wake of last week’s D23 Expo by Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — which announced 9 new rides, multiple new entertainment venues, several themed lands overhauls, 2 premium hotels, 1 cruise ship, and an ill-conceived gondola system — Universal Studios Orlando hastily held an impromptu U24 Expo on a giant screen outside the City […]

3 Ways Universal’s Jimmy Fallon Ride is the Grim Future of Theme Parks

Universal Studios Orlando has just opened their new Jimmy Fallon Ride — Race Through New York, replacing the old Twister show. They nearly stole Disney’s crown with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter a few years back. And since that time, they’ve poured out a never-ending stream of quick jabs (Transformers, Diagon Alley, Reign of Kong) […]

Ship of Theseus Paradox Endangers Universal Studios

In the first century A.D., noted Greek philosopher and one-time Hunger Games architect Plutarch proposed a thought experiment called the Ship of Theseus. In this puzzle, the Athenians carefully preserved the favorite vessel of hilarious jungle skipper Theseus, setting it up in a permanent museum called One Greek’s Dream, where they charged admission to school […]

The Great Iconic Food Race

I have a love-hate relationship with Universal Studios. By which I mean, I love to hate them. For an entire decade and a half, they deserved all the hate and then some. Universal Studios Florida was a masterpiece of ugly when it opened. Islands of Adventure left so many opportunities on the table. They were […]

Where Can I Find the Jurassic Park Ride at Disney?

Guests often want to know where they can find Jurassic Park the Ride in a Disney theme park. And they’re often surprised when they can’t. Universal Studios owns Jurassic Park the Ride. Their version in Universal Studios Hollywood even took potshots at Disney in the form of disembodied Mickey Mouse ears floating ominously in the […]