The Fiesta Fun Center: Walt Disney World’s Lost Arcade

Much More Than a Park Upon opening Walt Disney World promised to be more than a clone of Disneyland. It was an entire vacation kingdom. Disney offered many activities outside of the park: water sports, camping, golf, tennis, horseback riding and more. Among these diversions was The Fiesta Fun Center, a unique paradise hidden within […]

Keep Disney Weird: The Top 5 Weirdest Attractions Ever

Disney used to produce weird movies, create weird plots, craft weird food and of course create weird Disney attractions.  Truthfully most of Disney’s past is weird. Human sized talking mice, singing tiki birds, banjo-playing bears, politically correct non-sexually assaulting pirates, this stuff is just bizarre.   Today it’s all Marvel, curated streaming services and elaborately tiered dining plans, but there was a time when Disney did […]

Rise of the Resistance: Disney Finally Goes For Broke

Finally! Disney has done it… FINALLY! For years I have visited overseas Disney parks and for years I have felt jealously towards the incredibly themed immersive experiences they and only they seem to receive. The Tokyo parks in particular are lavished with such care and attention to detail that it is hard to understand how […]

New Rides and New Rules for the Parkeology Challenge!

Big changes are afoot all across the Disney parks these days. Perhaps you have heard of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge? It may just have a little impact on the Parkeology Challenge as well as life in general within a 10 mile radius of either resort, so how does this affect the rules of the official […]

The Secret Disney Attraction That is Guaranteed to Get You a Standing Ovation!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is just months away from opening at Disney Hollywood Studios. Mickey’s Runaway Railway will follow shortly thereafter. We have already seen the opening of Toy Story Land and most recently the opening of a new Lightning McQueen show. Disney Hollywood Studios has become a hotbed of new and exciting attractions. But […]

The ONLY Way to Ride It’s a Small World

There are right ways and wrong ways to do anything in life. For example if you go to a BBQ restaurant and order kale you are doing it the wrong way. If you drive a Pontiac Aztec you are doing it the wrong way. There is only one proper way to ride It’s a Small […]

The Great Movie Ride’s LAST secret

This is the coolest part of the Great Movie Ride you have NEVER seen: We all know about Big Al’s bloody saddle but have you ever heard of the Great Movie Ride’s bloody shirt? Thanks to a kind reader and original cast member who helped open the Great Movie Ride in 1989 we have unearthed […]

Parkeology: Disney News Update 6/30/17

With lots of big events soon to be announced at D-23 we thought it was about time to start a semi-regular column covering some of our thoughts on the current Disney news. We know that everyone’s feeds get inundated with Disney PR as is, but we hope to cut through some of the haze. Don’t […]