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‘Skipper Dan’ Jungle Cruise Parody by “Weird Al” Yankovic Still Greatest Park Song

Exactly 10 years ago, Grammy-winning recording artist and Parkeology personal hero “Weird Al” Yankovic dropped a series of five tracks onto an unsuspecting internet. It contained mostly original songs, parodying the styles of bands like The Doors and Queen. Mixed in was an innocuous 4-minute track called Skipper Dan, a cautionary tale of a Jungle […]

The Secret Disney Attraction That is Guaranteed to Get You a Standing Ovation!

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is just months away from opening at Disney Hollywood Studios. Mickey’s Runaway Railway will follow shortly thereafter. We have already seen the opening of Toy Story Land and most recently the opening of a new Lightning McQueen show. Disney Hollywood Studios has become a hotbed of new and exciting attractions. But […]

Liberty Belle Riverboat Refurbishment Deals Blow to WDW49 Challenge

Early this year, the Liberty Belle Riverboat went under refurbishment, putting successful attempts at the Parkeology WDW47 Challenge on hold. With the opening of Toy Story Land last weekend and the dawn of the WDW49 version of the challenge, many of us have been anxiously awaiting the Riverboat’s return on July 20th. Unfortunately this morning, […]

Toy Story Land Will Transform the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge

On June 30, 2018, Disney will officially open Toy Story Land, the newest land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And when Disney cuts the ribbon, the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge will open right along with it. The goal of the Parkeology WDW49 Challenge is to ride every ride at Walt Disney World in a single day. Toy […]

How I Ruined Star Wars Day at Sea for Warwick Davis

I wake up to lilting melody of the Cloud City theme playing outside my room. A moment later, the public address system crackles to life. I’m expecting Lando Calrissian to tell us that the Empire has seized control and we’d better evacuate. But it’s just the Cruise Director of the Disney Fantasy, letting us know […]

The Purple Whales of King Triton’s Carousel Are Finally Free

The purple whales of King Triton’s Carousel of the Sea departed the shores of Paradise Pier yesterday, never to return. We waved a tearful goodbye to those cuddly, humpy beasts as they slapped their happy flukes in the waves and bellowed an off-key song. Then they were gone. And with them goes a great Parkeology […]

Han Solo Spin-Off Movie Inspires Our Absolute Worst Park Ideas

In 2016, Disney replaced a classic Epcot attraction about the history and culture of Norway with a princess boat ride through the fictional kingdom of Arendelle. Fans accused the company of watering down Maelstrom’s message with hit cartoons — then turned Frozen Ever After into the most popular ride on property. Can the situation in […]