Disney Theme Park Hidden Secrets

Great Movie Ride Cowboy Scene Hides One Last Undiscovered Detail

After sending Universe of Energy off into the sunset, it’s time to turn our attention to that other incredible traveling theater ride — and the rarely-glimpsed Great Movie Ride Cowboy Scene. The Great Movie Ride truly lives up to its adjectives. Like a fading Hollywood star stuck with a bad script, it may have lost some […]

Disney’s Secret Plans to Rename The Last Jedi

Lucasfilm is one of only two brands in the world that can drop three mysterious words — The Last Jedi — and immediately melt down the internet as everyone tries to decipher what it all means. The good folks at the Walt Disney Imagineering Department of Namin’ Things! (DON’T!) solved this problem long ago. If Lucasfilm had […]

Something you don’t know about Shanghai Disneyland

A few weeks back reader (and apparent The Black Hole super-fan) GREG called me out for being lazy. Yes GREG I read the comments and words hurt. GREG accused me of not pulling my weight around the Parkeology campus. Lets look at the facts GREG; my last post was in June, a mere six months […]

Stupid Judy Played the Perfect Jeopardy Round and LOST!

Imagine that you are Dr. Judy Peterson, professor at the prestigious University of Energy. You have just lost a gameshow to your former college roommate, who calls you “Stupid Judy.” And yet you are the only person in history to play a perfect Jeopardy round. When Was the Perfect Jeopardy Round Played? Back in 1996, […]

Movie Career Got You Down? Try Martin Short’s 4 Steps to Theme Park Dominance!

Which Hollywood star has headlined the most Disney attractions? The answer might surprise you. When Disney needs name-brand talent at theme park pricing, they turn to one man and one man only. The Razzie-nominated Worst Supporting Actor from Santa Clause 3. The man who at 40 played a 10-year-old named Clifford. Everyone’s third-favorite Amigo. Martin Short. How did […]

The 3 Free Disneyland Tiki Room Luxuries the Rich Don’t Want You to Know

Champagne wishes and caviar dreams! The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous; an old TV show and a fun way to watch obnoxious people with more money than you drink thousand dollar bottles of wine while cruising on multi-million dollar boats. Today we call it Keeping Up with the Kardashians but it’s the same thing. […]

4 Theme Park Musical Moments from Pixar in Concert

The concept is a bit strange. Pay a hundred bucks for the right to dress up in nice clothes and go to a theater to watch a full orchestra play background music from cartoons. It’s even crazier when you’re a theme park fan and you spend half the time relating various peripheral melodies to your […]