Disney Animated Movies Canon – Rise of Computer Animation

There is perhaps nothing more synergistic than Disney animated features and theme parks. The parks are loaded with rides based on movies, restaurants based on movies, shops that sell merchandise from the movies, an entire attraction called “The Magic of Disney Animation” which is about the making of the movies.

Without animation, there would be no Disneyland. Animation is the lifeblood of Disney parks. Animation and maybe also ice cream.

The official Disney Animated Features are sort of like the official Parkeology Challenge rides of Walt Disney World — something that can be methodically endured, conquered, and critiqued. Good or bad. And believe us, in spite of all the classics, there is a surprising amount of bad on the list.

For the first time in theme park history, somebody has determined the absolute best park tie-in that ever existed for every feature in the Disney Animated Movies canon. It’s something you didn’t even know you wanted. Now that it’s here, you will wonder how you ever lived without.

We will proceed in descending order by release date. The older movies, by definition of them being older, have more options to choose from. So it will be more climactic to finish up with the original classics.

If you’d like to jump to any other point in the canon, click below.

Otherwise, you’ll have to suffer through…

#54 – Big Hero 6

Prepare to hug lifesize Baymax in a character greeting area heading to Disneyland! There’s also one heading to Hollywood Studios, but I give the edge to Disneyland, since it’s also repurposing the Captain EO theater into a preview theater. So there’s that.

See what I mean about anti-climactic? Until this movie becomes a mega-hit, we likely won’t see the closure of any classic Epcot dark rides so that we can get our own Big Hero 6 adventure. Speaking of which…

#53 – Frozen

You’ve sung the songs. You’ve worn the princess outfits. You’ve been labeled “the creepy gown man who sings show tunes.” Now it’s time to pick the best theme park tie-in to the biggest animated hit of all time.

Sure, we have that new Epcot E-ticket on the way (maybe with Han Solo tie-in?). Over in Hollywood Studios, they just ran an entire summer promotion centered around Frozen, complete with cardboard Olafs, an ice skating rink, and soap bubbles on Hollywood Boulevard. We also got that hastily thrown-together Frozen Sing-Along in the Premiere Theater, which turned out to be a surprisingly engaging experience (eat your heart out, American Idol).

But the best Frozen tie-in is already history. The Frozen Fireworks show used as part of the Summer of Frozen Fun had its last performance in September. Those songs! Those fireworks! That giant Sorcerer’s Hat backdrop!

The show will be missed. The hat not so much.

#52 – Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph and Vanellope Von Schweetz had their own walk-around characters, but the coolest park tie-in for this genius video game tale came in the form of … a video game.

Fix-It Felix Junior arcade cabinets made appearances at Disneyland’s Starcade and Disney Quest, where you can still play them today.

#51 – Winnie the Pooh

Thank God for character greeting areas, or some of these movies would really be scraping the bottom of the barrel. Of course Winnie the Pooh is all over the place in theme parks. For awhile, he was bigger than the princesses. But tie-ins for this somewhat forgotten feature in the Pooh pantheon were limited to the character greeting spot at the Magic of Disney Animation (recently home to Wreck-It Ralph, with Baymax landing soon).

#50 – Tangled

Here we are five movies into the list and we’ve still yet to see a bonafide attraction, except maybe the Frozen fireworks. Tangled is not the movie to break that streak. But it is with a strange sense of delight that I get to put a restroom on the list.

Rapunzel’s Tower forms the backdrop to Fantasyland’s Tangled-themed pitstop area, complete with phone charging stations and a nice little “Where’s Waldo?” game with the chameleon.

Photo by Brett Kiger

#49 – The Princess and the Frog

Tiana and Naveen got themselves a thematically appropriate riverboat show in New Orleans Square — Princess Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee — which is the pinnacle of their park achievement. The show didn’t last very long, but like many things in Disneyland, it made great use of existing park landmarks. The characters still pop up for greetings here and there, but the song-and-dance show still takes the cake.

 #48 – Bolt

Oh, Bolt. You left us too soon. The movie wasn’t a failure, but Bolt is practically non-existent in the parks, other than as a plush toy at the Emporium. Could that possibly be the best tie-in from the movie? A stuffed animal?

No, I won’t allow out. Bolt’s biggest impact is on his card for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, the interactive game in Florida. Bolt’s power (like in the movie) is his Super Bark. Hold that card high, Bolt fans. You’ve precious little else to cling to.


#47 – Meet the Robinsons

Yeah, this one is pretty much in the same boat. There are several park references in Meet the Robinsons, but not many Meet the Robinson references in the parks. I’m going to fall back on the old stand-by: The character greeting area.

This honor goes to Bowler Hat Guy, who by now is actually a very rare character. He’s usually only out for special events like Marathons or Overnight Villain Parties.

#46 – Chicken Little

Screw it. I refuse to pick the short-lived walk-around Chicken Little and Abby Mallard characters, who like Bowler Hat Guy are special events only, nowadays. I don’t even like Chicken Little the movie.

It says something when the best park tie-in for the movie is the movie’s own promotional billboard. And that’s what I’m going with. They painted the side of the Playhouse Disney soundstage in Hollywood Studios to be a bright blue sky, and then painted a hexagonal tile that had fallen from it.

A promotional mural. That’s the best you can do, Chicken Little.


#45 – Home on the Range

Shoot me now. The movies are getting dreadful, and the park tie-ins are getting worse. The best tie-ins to date have been a fireworks show and a character show. And this flick about three cows (one of whom is Roseanne Barr) is not likely to blaze any trails.

Judy Dench voiced another one of the cows. Can I call her Spaceship Earth narration a tie-in? Jennifer Tilly (the third cow) played Madame Leota in the Eddie Murphy Haunted Mansion movie. Can I use that?

Okay, fine. I guess I will have to go with the Little Patch of Heaven makeover that Disneyland’s Big Thunder Ranch received around the time the movie was out. I think it had cows. Because theming.

#44 – Brother Bear

Brother Bear came out in 2003. Disney — who loves any story where someone turns into a bear to hilarious effect — figured they had a probable massive hit on their hands and promptly rethemed their Redwood Creek playground area of California Adventure into the Magic of Brother Bear, complete with totems, character greetings, and an amphitheater show.

Children everywhere rejoiced and quickly made it the most popular playground in that section of the San Francisco area of a forgotten theme park.

In 2009, Disney rethemed this playground around the Pixar movie Up, which is about a 70-year old man.

If that’s not the definition of a successful theme park tie-in, I don’t know what is.

#43 – Treasure Planet

I’m going to be honest with you. This is the first one where I could literally think of nothing. I had to google, and even still, all I could turn up was a walk-around B.E.N. character in Discoveryland at Disneyland Paris. Kind of sad, since this movie is way better than Home on the Range and Brother Bear.

Photo by Loren Javier

#42 – Lilo & Stitch

Finally! This is the first movie on our list with some real attractions to choose from! I know you are extremely excited. Let me temper your enthusiasm by reminding you that the two attractions in question are Stitch’s Great Escape in the Magic Kingdom and the Stitch version of Turtle Talk in Hong Kong Disneyland.

I’m going to give it to Stitch’s Great Escape, since the animatronic is cool. But I do so under protest, since Stitch’s Great Escape is possibly the worst attraction in the entire Magic Kingdom. Though at least it kept one of the coolest effects from Alien Encounter.

#41 – Atlantis: The Lost Empire

In 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, your submarine passed through the lost city of Atlantis, whose tottering columns betrayed the hand of man. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, it had nothing to do with the animated feature.

I don’t know. I kind of hate this movie. So out of spite, the best park tribute is an article done by a wonderful website called parkeology. Which delightfully shows nothing remaining of Atlantis. Which is how it should be.

#40 – The Emperor’s New Groove

We end this first batch of movies not with a bang, but a whimper. Scraping the bottom of the barrel for yet another foam-head. This time, it’s everyone’s favorite mimbo, who had his own meet-and-greet outside the Animation building at Disney’s California Adventure.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… Kronk. The Eighth Wonder of the World.

Photo by ste3ve


So yeah, you can’t wait for the rest of these, right? I mean, we covered 14 movies and the biggest full-fledged attraction we had to offer was the reviled replacement for Alien Encounter. In the process, we got rethemed playgrounds, petting zoos, a fireworks show, a trading card, a restroom, a billboard, seasonal entertainment, a video game, and 5 character greeting areas. This is scintillating stuff.

Is it any wonder Disney gets a bad rap for failing to capitalize on its recent movies?

In the next round, we’ll turn the page back to the 1990s. I guarantee you’ll remember some of those movies. The question is: Will you remember anything they spawned in the parks?

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Comments (24)

  1. What about Brave?

    • Actually, Brave is Disney/Pixar, so is not included in the “official” list of animated features. So I skipped it.

  2. I seem to recall them bothering to whip up some Main Street windows for Home on the Range. I don’t know if it was better or worse than the re-theming because any effort spent doing anything but forgetting that movie is a poor decision.

    • It’s possible they did a few windows. I’m not sure it inspired anyone to do some Main Street shopping. You’re right, this movie should be forgotten as soon as is humanly possible.

  3. They had the Bolt video game, I think for PS2, in Innoventions for a while. I remember because it was the most advanced piece of technology there.

    • You get strong props for thinking of the PS2 area of Innoventions! They were really scraping the bottom of the barrel for Bolt, weren’t they. Too bad they never had a Chicken Little game.

  4. Awesome as always. Waiting on the rest. Do want to point out that you forgot to mention the well received and long running “Stitch’s Supersonic Celebration”.

    • Ah yes. A clear masterpiece with an extended six-week run!

  5. Treasure planet had a real live (ish) solar surfer that jim rode around tomorrowland for a bit, I saw him once. And, Ben was with him, so that’s something.
    And I know I was the “right age” for it or whatever, but Atlantis has always been one of my very favorites. I wish so badly it had more love.

    • The look of Atlantis is very nice, and I think they had nice characters for the expedition. It almost worked.

      But I think the story fell off a cliff. The appeal of something like Atlantis is the same for any expedition movie (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Journey to the Center of the Earth, etc.). The adventure and the mystery of it is most of the fun. With Atlantis, they’re inside the Lost Empire within like 20 minutes of the movie starting, and then it’s just mystic mumbo jumbo the rest of the way. To be honest, I can’t even remember what happened once they make it to the city. It’s all so dreadful.

      It would be like Indiana Jones finding the ark without getting the headpiece from Marion or going to the map room or dodging Nazis. The government recruits him, he quickly locates the ark, and then a 60-minute extended sequence of backstory about why the ark is hidden.

      • oh yeah, Atlantis is very flawed, but it still seems just a bit harsh to me to call it one of the very worst Disney animated features

        • It’s at the bottom of the barrel for sure. 54 animated features, and only a handful can be considered as bad or worse.

  6. Excellent as always Shane, I look forward to the next post.

    I recently made it my mission to watch any of the 53 that I hadn’t seen which basically meant watching all of the bad ones. After doing this (cause I love lists) I ranked all 53. The bottom 3 were… 51. Chicken Little
    52. Home on the Range 53. Brother Bear.

    Also, I recently heard an interesting story about the Disney Animation Canon. They originally didn’t consider Dinosaur part of the “canon” but they retroactively deemed it such so that Tangled could be #50. I enjoyed Tangled (It’s a better movie than Frozen and that is unobjectionable fact in my opinion, haha).

    Anyway, if they hadn’t made that change 2 good things would have happened.

    1. I wouldn’t have had to watch Dinosaur (and perhaps the ride would still be called Countdown to Extinction, which is a better title)

    2. Winnie the Pooh (Not to be confused with the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh) would have been #50 and perhaps more attention would have been paid to this excellent movie. It is clever, funny, punny, witty, and other words that mean about the same thing. It was given very little advertisement from Disney. In fact, it was released ON THE SAME DAY as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, and a week before Captain America. It would have done better as a fall/Holiday movie. If you haven’t seen Winnie the Pooh (released in 2011), you should. It’s fantastic.

    • I recently re-ranked all 53 as well! And those 3 were right near the bottom, though Black Cauldron is to me the very worst, and Atlantis is right down there.

      I love lists too, and in fact I recently rewatched all 53 in order, beginning with Snow White. Okay, actually this was a couple years ago before Frozen and Wreck It Ralph. But it was fascinating to watch the styles evolve through the decades.

      I think Pooh was solid (that sounds gross), but a bit forgettable. No wonder it got overshadowed, as Deathly Hallows and Captain America are pretty awesome.

      • Don’t worry Shane, I had Black Cauldron at 50.

  7. YES! This is amazing! One of my favorite blog posts so far! Can’t wait for the rest! (Exclamation points!!!)

    • I hope to complete this series in quick order next week!

  8. “Is it any wonder Disney gets a bad rap for failing to capitalize on its recent movies?”
    1. Only because you focused on the animated movies.. the live action films have been a different story.
    2. I’ve seen a lot more complaints that Disney can’t come up with anything original than that they aren’t doing enough with their movies. Slapping movie promo theming on anything and everything does not equal a quality attraction.

    • With the exception of the Pirates franchise, they haven’t really done much with their live action movies either. Now Pixar movies, on the other hand…

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